AIWD Prospective VENDOR Information Form

All information provided will be kept confidential by the AIWD Executive Committee
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Please answer the following questions, which are designed to achieve an educated overview of your business, not to suggest there are qualifying or disqualifying answers.
What is your company’s annual sales revenue?    What is your Company ownership? % Privately-held; % Publicly held/traded.
If Private, please describe (family-owned, investment group, partnership, etc.)   
What are the main products, brand-names, and/or services your company provides?    
What is the source of these products?
% manufactured in your company’s factories, % by offshore 3rd-party factories, % supplied by 3rd-party factories in the USA
Location(s) of your in-house manufacturing facilities:   
Locations of your distribution facilities:   
Is there any area of North America that you are unable to service?   
How do you go to market?
% Direct to Users; % Direct to Distributors; % OEM/Private label Sales; % “Big Box” Retailers; % Wholesale.
What percent of your total sales is over the internet? %    What percent of your total sales is through Welding Channels? %
With what other Buying Groups are you an Approved Vendor?   
What benefits do you hope to realize by partnering with AIWD?   
What benefits will AIWD Members realize from this partnership?   
In what way(s) are you different from your competitors who supply our industry?   

Membership and Vendor responsibilities:
AIWD Distributor Members are welding supply and industrial gas distributors that meet very strict criteria. They shall not be companies that have stock or securities listed on a nationally recognized securities exchange or have stock or securities traded over-the-counter. AIWD Approved Vendors may not sell their product or services for less than what they offer the members of this group; they must sell to all members who meet Vendor credit terms; they participate in the Annual AIWD convention; they maintain their web page information on the AIWD web site; they adhere to all AIWD operational deadlines; and they abide by the Rules and Regulations of our Bylaws.

By submitting this form, I understand that the information provided here is for the sole purpose of applying for partnership as an approved vendor in the AIWD, Inc., and that it will be held in strict confidence.

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